About Us

Welcome to the site of Rosalin Primrose, specialising in the area of family law mediation, family reports and social assessment reports.

Rosalin Primrose offers specialist family law mediation and report writing services on the Sunshine Coast and further afield, utilising many forms of communication. In these days of Covid 19, she is working remotely, offering service by Zoom, Skype, phone, FaceTime and WhatsApp. She is accredited with Medicare, DVA and Workcover.

For assistance please phone Rosalin Primrose on 0424002640

Rosalin has more than 30 years’ experience as a psychologist working in the area of family dispute resolution, first as a youth justice mediator in Canada, where she began her mediation training, and later as a family law mediator for the Federally funded services that began to roll out in Queensland in the early 2000s. 

She managed one of the early Family Relationship Centres and has been in private practice as a mediator and family report writer since then. 

Rosalin’s focus is always on the best interests of children and then the support and education of parents to uphold those best interests, by putting aside their own grievances and dealing with them as a separate process, well away from children who may be harmed otherwise. 

Registered Psychologist PSY0000976237

Nationally Accredited Mediator

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) with capacity to issue 60i certificates under the Act