Using Collected Information

How Will Rosalin Use the Family Report Information She Collects?

Rosalin will make use of any information she collects throughout interviews and observations, perusal of the court documents and any other documents provided to her, to write her report. Any information she collects can be accessed by the court, even if it is not used in the final family report. The court sometimes requires report writers to give evidence at hearings and Rosalin is a seasoned witness, having been called as an expert witness numerous times.

If your dispute continues in court, the independent children’s lawyer may ask for subsequent reports from Rosalin to update them ahead of any court action.

Who should see the family report information?

Once Rosalin has finished writing the family report, a copy will be given to:
• the court;
• you or your lawyer (if you have one); and
• the other parent or party to the dispute or their lawyer (if they have one).

Children Should Not See a Family Report
It is important to understand that children should never be shown a family report, nor should the contents of the report be shared with them in any way. Only the final decisions of the parents (or of a judge, if you can’t agree) should be shared with them and explained to them.  The part of a report appropriate for sharing with children is the one containing the decisions about how the children will be cared for and how the adults will work to ensure those things are done.

Family Reports contain adult business such as views parents hold about each other and things they might have done.  They also often contain the views of other adults significant to the children, such as the beliefs expressed by grandparents, teachers, and professionals.   Allowing a child to read or be told about the contents of the family report, will put them at risk of turning against people significant to them.  The child could become confused about who to trust and where the truth lies or being overwhelmed by the business of the adults.  It is not a kindness to tell children details of why decisions were made, even when they are old enough to ask.

How to Make Contact with Rosalin

Parents can agree between themselves and their legal advisers to appoint Rosalin as a Family Report Writer, or she can be appointed by an Independent Children’s Lawyer, in cases where one has been appointed by the Court.

Rosalin can be contacted directly on Mob: 0424 002 640


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