Stress Management For Students

Stress is a growing problem as the Sunshine Coast struggles to find its economic feet.  Parents are working longer hours, breadwinners are not getting all the hours they need to support a

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Stress management for students can help solve behavourial problems

family, and children suffer too.   Stress management  for students is a particular  area needing attention.

School behavioural psychologist Toula Gordillo has developed a program for high school students, to help them recognise stress and manage it before it affects their social and school performance, as reported in the Sunshine Coast Daily.

She told the Daily:

“I think the demands are getting greater because of technology advances, which is making the pace of life faster, as well as the global economic downturn and higher levels of unemployment putting pressure on families.”

Her Raft Program helps students learn to cope with stress in and outside of school.

“It is about helping teens identify the triggers of stress and understand how to cope with stress,” she said.  “Depression and anxiety are a huge implication of stress, with some students turning to eating disorders, chewing fingernails down to the quicks and throwing-up as some of the ways to cope.”

Mrs Gordilla’s list of warning signs to watch for in children and high school students  are applicable to adults too.   Here they are:

      • Change in child’s behaviour
      • Become withdrawn
      • Acting out
      • Change of friend group
      • Bullying
      • Irritability
      • Overreaction

If you notice any of these signs in your children, yourself or other family members then take action to talk through these problems with a trained mental health professional.   With appropriate action, stress management for students can be a huge weight off the person;s shoulders.

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