Stress and Depression Go Hand in Hand

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Despite our global image as laid back, fun loving people, Australians chalk up some of the longest working hours – and the trend has become more marked in the past couple of years, since the Global Financial Crisis made us all more anxious.

Research published in Europe shows what we all knew, that those who are locked into long hours and highly competitive jobs are most at risk of a major depressive illness – STRESS AND DEPRESSION go hand in hand. High stress levels leads to higher risk of depression.

Susan Donaldson James reported the following on Jan. 26, 2012:

“On a “lucky” day at her job at a well-known apparel company, Arielle Smith worked a 10-hour shift with only 20 minutes for lunch — and many weekends, she worked without overtime pay.

“I never slept because I was so stressed about what would happen the next day,” said the 27-year-old fashion designer from New York City. “I wasn’t supposed to leave the office at all, except to run work errands. I thought about switching jobs every single day.”

Her workload eventually took its toll: She was medicated for anxiety and depression.

Work can be depressing, that much most people know. But now, a European study suggests that those who work long hours are twice as likely to experience a major depressive episode.

In a report published in the Jan. 25 online journal Plos ONE, those working more than 11 hours a day are at greatest risk.

Researchers at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and at University College in London followed 2,000 middle-aged government workers in Britain and saw a link between overtime work and depression.”

While older workers are likely to be more prone to depression and anxiety disorders because of heavy work loads, everybody benefits from a healthy balance between work and leisure, sleep, family and friendship time.  Self-employed Queenslanders report they are running faster just to survive, while the economy remains sluggish.  As this study indicates that STRESS INCREASES RISK OF DEPRESSION, it is essential to guard against depression, so consult your GP and get help if you think you are at risk.  Stress and depression really do go hand in hand.

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