Stress and Depression Management with Blogtool

By Rosalin Primrose

Blogs and other on line tools, according to a recent article, can be great ways to help manage stress and depression, that can rob people of their creative energy and drive.

One of the mechanisms that keeps distress in place is the secrecy we practice when facing difficulties that may seem shameful or not consistent with how we want others to see us.

“It took Sarah Tincher 19 years to seek help for her depression — but before she began helping herself, she was already creating an online community to help other students with similar disorders.

The sophomore journalism major is the creator of TerpSecret, a WordPress blog where users can anonymously post their deepest secrets and fears. She created the site — an offshoot of PostSecret, the popular series where people mail in secrets anonymously — in July, while deep in the midst of her own depression and anxiety.

At the time, Tincher was just looking for a way to help herself get through each day; posting her feelings seemed to help, at least a little. But in the seven months since she started the site, more than 700 university students have subscribed. Just like Tincher, hundreds have used the site as a similar tool for managing mental health, and Tincher herself finally sought treatment for disorders she said she’s had since she was a child.

Until now, Tincher has never told the site’s followers she’s the one spending dozens of hours a week reading and reposting anonymous messages. But the girl with all the secrets has decided to come forward, in hopes that others will realize how common mental health disorders are.

“I have secrets and I have problems just like everyone else, so I started it as a way for me to share my problems anonymously, and I know other people can relate,” Tincher said. “Seeing people that have the same secrets as you makes you feel a lot less alone and like you’re not isolated.”

This brave student lucked into a way to help herself and ended up helping many more.  Journal writing about troubling issues and feelings has long been a part of managing distress.  Blogging simply takes your journaling into the public domain, while still protecting your identity if you want that.

One of the most healing things available to us is finding out that, what we’ve experienced and might be feeling, is shared by many others and is normal, given the circumstances we are up against.

Although Sarah finally found a way to deal with her stress and depression problems, trained mental health  professionals may help you get on the path to helping with these problems more quickly.

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