How is Family Report Information Collected

How is Family Report Information Collected?

Rosalin’s experience as a family report writer has shown her what a fair and child-focused family report will provide and, in the best of circumstances, can help parents set aside their own interests in favour of the child’s.  Here is how the information in it is collected.

Rosalin may collect and include information about:
• your children’s relationship with parents, brothers and sisters, extended family and friends;
• your children’s views, if they are willing to talk to the report writer;
• your children’s histories and emotional attachments;
• the family history, including any significant issues that have impacted on the children;
• what is currently happening in your children’s lives;
• the parents’ attitudes towards their parental responsibilities and capacity to support each other’s roles; and
• anything else about your children’s lives that will help the parents, or later the court, make good decisions about your family’s future.

Rosalin may meet with and observe:
• you and the other parent or person you are in dispute with, separately and/or together;
• your children individually;
• your children with you and the other parent or people you are in dispute with;
• your children with significant people such as your current partner, relatives or friends; and
• relevant professionals such as teachers, counsellors or doctors if they are available.

Rosalin often arranges to meet with the adults in an office setting before assessing whether home visits are appropriate and arranging those. Younger children do better in home environments than in a professional office, so that is preferred in most cases.  As children cannot be forced or coerced into participation, but is highly desirable to have their input, home visits can be of great assistance to the process.

After the report is provided there is no further contact.  That is to protect the report writer from undue coercion to change it to suit one person or another.  A report writer cannot then be engaged for a new role, such as counselling.

How to Make Contact with Rosalin

Parents can agree between themselves and their legal advisers to appoint Rosalin as a Family Report Writer, or she can be appointed by an Independent Children’s Lawyer, in cases where one has been appointed by the Court.  In the best of cases, parents can make use of the recommendations to reach agreement out of court, even if there is a court date scheduled.  It is always an option to negotiate and make application for consent orders based on your own agreement, rather than proceed to trial.

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