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Rosalin Primrose is an experienced Family Report Writer whose focus is on the best interests of children when their parents are in dispute.  The best use of a family report is for the parents to understand the needs of their children and act on them, so they never have to go to Court.

Social Assessment reports are done when children in foster care have been assessed to be in ongoing need of safe alternatives while their parents get support to make changes, with the intention of providing appropriate housing and nurturing care when they are ready to do so.  Again, it’s all about the children.

Formerly manager of Family Relationship Services at Uniting Care Community Sunshine Coast, Rosalin chaired a working group on improving the potential for children’s voices to be heard. This work entailed report writers advocating for reports to be done in ways that supported the children, including conducting visits to any homes in which the children spend time. Through that ‘gold standard’ practice, a deeper understanding of children’s circumstances and wishes could be provided to their parents and also a Court.

First and foremost, Rosalin intends to produce reports that help parents settle their differences outside of the Family Law litigation process.  This is done through subsequent mediation or conciliation conferencing utilising the advice and guidance of the parents’ solicitors, using the insights from the report to inform the parents’ thinking. This saves time and money for disputing parents and gives the children a better opportunity to be parented by mothers and fathers who are no longer hostile toward each other. From extensive research, we know that the biggest obstacle to children doing well after separation is the level of anger and resentment between their parents.

It is not uncommon for children to experience anxiety when their parents are in conflict.  Rising anxiety equals loss of concentration, to the detriment of academic and social development.  From a child focused point of view, the objective is to help children manage anxiety so that their development is not compromised.

Rosalin’s commitment is to produce fair and child-focused family reports within a short period of time so that matters can be resolved without unnecessary delay.  Focus on children’s best interests does not exclude parents’ needs and capacities from the assessment and recommendations often include referrals that can enhance parents’ capacity to care for their children and keep them safe, without making the children responsible for adult wellbeing.

How to Make Contact with Rosalin

Parents can agree between themselves and their legal advisers to appoint Rosalin as a Family Report Writer, or she can be appointed by an Independent Children’s Lawyer, in cases where one has been appointed by the Court.

Rosalin can be contacted directly on Mobile: 0424 002 640


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