Family Law Mediation – Family Violence Under Review

If you have ever sat at the back of a courtroom listening to estranged parents telling a magistrate or a judge about the best interests of their children, you will have some understanding of the difficulties faced by the judiciary.  The isssue of family law mediation when possible family violence is involved is a

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Family Violence. It's sometimes hard to know who is responsible?


continuing issue. There may well be reason to be cautious about the children’s safety with one parent or the other but rarely is there a complete evidence trail that can help a magistrate make good decisions in the best interests of the children.  Often, that is because the State system has information about domestic violence or child safety, for instance, and the Federal system does not.

A report just published by the Australian Law Reform Commission may change all that.  Attorney General Nicola Roxon said the report contained recommendations for reform across government, enabling State and Federal systems to share information.

A recent article in the Herald Sun discusses possible law changes on family violence recommended by the commission.  According to this article,

“The commission has recommended that the same understanding of what constitutes family violence be used across relevant Commonwealth legislation.

It said this should make legal and other proceedings which involve family violence seamless and more effective for both victims and decision makers.

The commission recommended that decision makers undertake appropriate and regular training to improve consistency in how family violence is treated across legislative frameworks.

It also said better identification of, and responses to, the disclosure of family violence was needed.”

Any processes is welcome when it comes to improving family law mediation and examing family violence under a single jurisdiction could be a step in the right direction to improving the problem in the legal system.

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