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There is an encouraging little book out for parents looking for PARENTING SUPPORT , written by my colleague Dr. Bob Jacobs of the Parenting Centre at Maleny.  Read more about the book  here.  Called Perfect Parents: Perfect Children, it tells stories from Dr. Bob’s practice experience of how parents have learned to support their children’s developing emotional intelligence.

Here’s what Dr Bob has to say about his book…

This book is about changing perspectives about parenting, our children, and ourselves. It advocates for a shift from the traditional ‘reward and punishment’ parenting paradigm to one of demonstrating unconditional acceptance and love, regardless of our children’s  compliance or achievement. Through personal stories of the families Dr. Bob has worked with this book makes clear that we do not need to ‘control’ or ‘tame’ our children, and suggests ideas of how to eliminate power-struggles and put the joy back into parenting.

“Perfect Parents, Perfect Children” is about celebrating that we and our children are already perfect, and instilling a steady belief in our intrinsic value, which is not conditional on our achievements.


For me, it was good to be reminded that, if you miss a golden opportunity to parent better, there will be another one coming up.  You don’t have to waste time blaming or shaming yourself, just be ready for the next chance your kids will provide.  PARENTING SUPPORT is an ongoing project….

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