Divorce Rates Lower Than Thought

Good news from recent research by social analysts McCrindle Research – we have seriously over-estimated the number of marriages in Australia that ends in divorce.  This means divorce rates are lower than thought.

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Torn apart? Divorce rates lower than thought.

“McCrindle reports that one in three, and not one in two, marriages will end that way.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics-based research was carried out to disprove five commonly held assumptions about Australian life, one of them that half of all marriages is doomed to end prematurely.

Social analyst Mark McCrindle said the myths had become accepted because figures and percentages had given them an element of believability.

“Marriages are actually doing better these days and the divorce rates are declining and have been for more than 30 years,” he said.

“Not only is the rate declining but the total number of divorces is declining.”

Divorce rates have been declining since the big divorce bubble moved through the legal system following the introduction of the no-fault Family Law Act in the 70s.

There is another element not factored into the research – many Australian couples don’t marry but live in de facto relationships.  If there is a myth about de facto relationships, it is that they are not founded on lifetime commitment and therefore people walk away from them more easily.

So even though divorce rates are lower than thought, it appears that the starting point for comparison may have changed.

If you are having troubles in your relationship please see your mental health professional as early as possible.  Early intervention could be the difference between a continuing marriage/relationship or looming divorce.

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