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Online Help for Depression

It seems that computers can replace counsellors for depressed patients.  So now it’s possible to get online help for depression.

Given that we’re seeing alarming rates of depression and anxiety in Western populations around the world, some news out of Scotland offers a practical way to deal with the worried well and the mildly depressed.

A recent article in The Scotsman reports that:

“Patients across Scotland will be offered computer counselling sessions instead of appointments with trained therapists as part of a radical plan to cut NHS waiting times and costs.

The move is being considered by ministers amid high rates of stress and depression among Scots and tightening NHS budgets.

Patients who visit their GP with mild to moderate depression or anxiety will be referred to an NHS website encouraging positive thinking.”

Australia is well down this track, with the establishment of the Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue among the web sites people can use to investigate their mental health status and access some self-help resources.  Here are the links-



Moodgym is another resource people can use to improve their coping capacities and monitor their progress.


As the Scotsman reports, there is an urgent need to give people useful self-help tools to manage early stages of depression and anxiety, so that they don’t become debilitating to people experiencing distress.

Funding for treatment of mood disorders in future years is likely to be reserved for situations that are potentially life threatening.  Nothing will take the place of one to one assistance for critical circumstances but it’s clear that early intervention and patients taking charge of their own decision making are key points.

Patients’ groups in Scotland have warned that –

”   the system could fail to spot serious cases and computers are no replacement for experienced counsellors.

One in five Scots suffers from depression at some time, and thousands are thought to be suffering high stress levels triggered by financial worries and job pressures as the economic recession worsens.

Yet waiting times to see an NHS therapist vary, with some patients forced to wait for several months.”

In Australia, Medicare’s Better Access program was trimmed in November, meaning that GP referred patients can get 10 sessions of mental health support per year now, instead of 12 and more.  This may contribute to depressed people seeking alternative treatment modes such as Online Help for Depression.

If you feel you need more traditional help then look at my Medicare Fact Sheet.

To use the Better Access program, consult your GP about your support needs,

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