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Family Law Mediation – Family Violence Under Review

If you have ever sat at the back of a courtroom listening to estranged parents telling a magistrate or a judge about the best interests of their children, you will have some understanding of the difficulties faced by the judiciary.  The isssue of family law mediation when possible family violence is involved is a   Read more…


Anxiety – Does my Anxiety Look Fat in this Mirror?

Story by Rosalin Primrose Here is a circular argument brought to life.  British research into Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) has uncovered the unsettling information that women induced by researchers to stare into mirrors for only ten minutes at a time became more anxious and depressed. For BDD sufferers, it may be a chicken and egg Read more…


Mental Health – Laughter is the Very Best ‘Medicine’

Author: Rosalin Primrose Registered Psychologist Laughter is the best medicine – that’s a saying from my childhood which turns out to be very true, and there is lots of research to support that folk wisdom these days as a way to promote good mental health. We think of yoga as physical stretching and exercise that Read more…


Mental Health Check-up for ‘Stinking Thinking’

Article by Rosalin Primrose Senior Author Choosing your thoughts carefully is a key skill to maintaining good MENTAL HEALTH.  Often, we can’t do much about the things that happen around us and to us – but we can take note of the thoughts we have about those events.   You might have heard the term Read more…


Mental Illness May Go Untreated

By Rosalin Primrose One in five Americans is reported to be suffering from some form of mental illness but only 39% of these was using prescription drugs to treat it.  This means that mental illness may go untreated.  Where Americans go, can Australians be far behind?  Our shared focus on ‘getting ahead’ leads us to be Read more…


Stress and Depression Management with Blogtool

By Rosalin Primrose Blogs and other on line tools, according to a recent article, can be great ways to help manage stress and depression, that can rob people of their creative energy and drive. One of the mechanisms that keeps distress in place is the secrecy we practice when facing difficulties that may seem shameful Read more…


Stress and Depression Go Hand in Hand

by Rosalin Primrose   Mob: 0424 002 640 Despite our global image as laid back, fun loving people, Australians chalk up some of the longest working hours – and the trend has become more marked in the past couple of years, since the Global Financial Crisis made us all more anxious. Research published in Europe Read more…


Parenting support

by Rosalin Primrose Mob: 0424 002 640 Email: RosalinPrimrose@gmail.com There is an encouraging little book out for parents looking for PARENTING SUPPORT , written by my colleague Dr. Bob Jacobs of the Parenting Centre at Maleny.  Read more about the book  here.  Called Perfect Parents: Perfect Children, it tells stories from Dr. Bob’s practice experience of Read more…


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Psychologist Counselling & Mediation Services

Rosalin Primrose is a trusted and well respected psychologist on the Sunshine Coast and has a wealth of experience working with all aspects of psychology, counselling, child therapy, mediation and dispute resolution.   Psychologist, Counselling and Mediation Services Counselling – Individual and Relationship Gain freedom from depression and anxiety Manage unexpected and traumatic changes in your life Improve damaged relationships Read more…


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Rosalin Primrose

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  • Nationally Accredited Mediator & Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)
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