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Sexual Abuse And Recovery

Sexual abuse is very much in the headlines with the Australian Government’s Royal Commission into sexual abuse of children by institutions such as the Catholic Church.   For the many victims whose trust was betrayed when they were young and vulnerable, the road to recovery can be long and painful. What is not generally realised is Read more…


Sexual Abuse in Families

Sexual abuse in families We tend to think of sexual abuse as something that happens to children at the hands of strangers or people outside the family but research over the past several decades has shown that most sexual abuse happens closer to home. We also think of sexual abuse as an offence accompanied by Read more…


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How to Stop “Stinking Thinking” Choosing your thoughts carefully is a key skill to maintaining good mental health.  Often, we can’t do much about the things that happen around us and to us – but we can take note of the thoughts we have about those events. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a powerful approach to Read more…


Mental Health Problems – Premmy & Small Babies at Risk?

It’s long been recognised that children born prematurely and at low birth weight struggle with a variety of health problems, some of them life threatening.  An Australian study reported this year now points to possible future mental health problems in premmy and small babies. The study gives us an opportunity to pay particular attention to premature Read more…


Separation and Children – They Just Want Peace!

Information on an upcoming Australian Institute of Family Studies (FIFS) seminar series presentation highlights some of the difficulties involved for children of separating parents. Conflict between parents is the most difficult aspect of separation for the children of a disintegrating relationship. Study after study, here and around the world, has shown that children of a Read more…


Divorce Rates Lower Than Thought

Good news from recent research by social analysts McCrindle Research – we have seriously over-estimated the number of marriages in Australia that ends in divorce.  This means divorce rates are lower than thought. “McCrindle reports that one in three, and not one in two, marriages will end that way. The Australian Bureau of Statistics-based research Read more…


Online Help for Depression

It seems that computers can replace counsellors for depressed patients.  So now it’s possible to get online help for depression. Given that we’re seeing alarming rates of depression and anxiety in Western populations around the world, some news out of Scotland offers a practical way to deal with the worried well and the mildly depressed. Read more…


Stress Management For Students

Stress is a growing problem as the Sunshine Coast struggles to find its economic feet.  Parents are working longer hours, breadwinners are not getting all the hours they need to support a family, and children suffer too.   Stress management  for students is a particular  area needing attention. School behavioural psychologist Toula Gordillo has developed Read more…


Divorce Party?

Written by Rosalin Primrose A US report suggests that, as separation and divorce become so much a part of life, some former partners are throwing divorce parties to mark the end of their domestic relationships. A divorce party may help transition from married to single As part of the de-stigmatisation of divorce, it is being Read more…


Separation and Effects on Children

A good divorce? Don’t bet your children on it…. Separation and effects on children :  While there is little doubt that parental disputing has long term adverse effects on children, in recent years we have comforted ourselves that a separation characterised by cooperation and mutual respect helps children adjust to parents’ separation.  We’ve been fond Read more…


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